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Nailcation FAQs

What are Nailcation 100% nail polish strips? 

Nailcation is a revolutionary nail wrap technology, revolutionising the way we're doing our nails! 

They're individual strips of nail polish that are easily applied directly onto your natural nails, filed to match your nail shape perfectly and last for up to two weeks. 

Will Nailcation damage my nails? 

Nope! Unlike getting your nails done at the salon, there is no need to buff away the top layer of your natural nail.

Nailcation strips are just like normal nail polish, without the mess. They actually protect your nails from the elements and every day stressors like washing the dishes. 

Your nails will thank you for freeing them from harsh nail polish removers and filing, allowing you to keep your natural nails in tact. 

I'm really uncoordinated... is Nailcation easy to apply?

Yes! Nailcation strips are so easy to apply! Even when you're applying the strips with your non-dominant hand, you'll be surprised at just how forgiving these strips are. 

We recommend starting with your pinky nail and moving towards your thumb. Line up the base of the nail strip with the base of your nail, make sure it's at least kind of straight, and then smooth it out! It's that simple. 

What if I make a mistake while applying Nailcation strips? 

Have no fear! Nailcation strips are easy to peel off and reposition before you add the final top coat. If you damage the strip while trying to apply, don't stress! There are 16 strips included in each pack, so you'll always have spares. 

How long do Nailcation strips last? Will they chip, smudge or fall off? 

Nailcation nail polish strips can last on your nails for over two weeks. By then, your nails will have grown out and you will want to re-apply. 

Nailcation nail strips will only peel off if something intentionally gets underneath the base of the strip - e.g. when you're trying to remove the nail strip. Otherwise it will stay put for weeks! 

Nailcation nail strips will not chip or smudge because they aren't liquid! 

How do I remove Nailcation strips?

Once you're over your nail colour (let's be real, we like to change it up every now and then), simply soak your nails in warm coconut oil or warm water to soften the adhesive, then lift Nailcation up from the base of your nail and slowly peel it off.

It's that simple! 

It's important to remove your nail wraps as gently as possible to avoid damaging your natural nail. That's why giving them a good soak is strongly advised to loosen their super strong grip.